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Freddy Harteis, big game hunter with central Pennsylvania roots, couldn’t be more of a fish out of water than in his home base of Los Angeles, which is, as his hunting show states, “a place that isn’t too kind to hunters … Hollywood may not like what he does, but they will respect him.”Harteis was more in his element when he filmed an episode of his Sportsman Channel TV show hunting bears in Southwest Alaska. But the California lifestyle is what Harteis chose after marrying Jeannie Mai, a Golden State native, makeup artist, fashion expert and cohost of a talk show targeted towards young women, The Real. The couple has settled in with the (mostly) gun-abhorring Los Angelinos.Read the full article HERE.

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Season 5 will be airing July 2015 – December 2015. Stay tuned for 15 action packed episodes.

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Season 4 will be airing January 2015 – June 2015. Stay tuned for 13 action packed episodes.

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What Others Have To Say

Just wanted to shoot a quick note to everyone at the Hollywood Hunter to let them know how much I enjoy and appreciate your show. It’s refreshing to see a show that not only entertains with fantastic hunts from some of the best hunting destinations in the world, but takes the time to advance the notion that hunting isn’t just about the harvest. The quality time spent in the field with family and friends, as is often portrayed on your show, is the principal reason many hunters look forward to their yearly hunts. You are appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Jubal Frost, Salem, Oregon
As a novice to hunting but someone that loves a great adventure, I’m a big fan of the show and its many production locations. Freddy has a genuine love and passion for the outdoors and the sport, which is inviting for me as a viewer and separates HH from other shows. I look forward to seeing the HH take on new challenges in the coming seasons and continue learning more about the conservation methods.
Bart Zyta, New York, New York
Watching the Hollywood Hunter is a golden opportunity to watch a show that is completely different from the hundreds of other shows in the hunting industry that, for lack of better words, are all the same.
Jeff Sauve, Boiling Springs, PA
The Hollywood Hunter is the most entertaining hunting show on television today. Freddy Harteis brings a great mix of awesome hunting experiences and a true passion for his craft. It is obvious Freddy is living his dream and he delivers every episode. Please…..keep it coming!
Mark Bentley, Colorado Springs, CO
Being a hunter myself and having watched hunting shows for many years, Freddy brings a genuine love for the sport that I can relate to. As a viewer you see his excitement over the conquest of another hunter. This kind of commitment to the sport is not only endearing, but contagious. He makes me want to hunt with the Hollywood Hunter.
Kevin Caffery, Sherman Oaks, CA