In 1998, Cherokee Sports developed and patented the first ever photo-printed inflatable decoy. Once again creating a category all its own. The first year, a Turkey Hen, Canada Goose and Mallard Duck were released. Since that time, an entire line of inflatable photo-printed decoys has been added including: ducks, doves, deer, turkey and cranes, making Cherokee Sports the only company to offer a full line of inflatable decoys.

Now operating in a 65,000 sq. ft production facility in China, Cherokee Sports out-sources very little these days. It has its own machinery, and recently added a state of the art injection molding department. The factory’s goal is high quality, zero defect products, which meet or surpass EN71 and phthalate free international standards; meaning, leaving the smallest environmental footprint, while providing the best product available.

Consumers clamor for Cherokee Sports products and expect to find them on the shelf. Cherokee Sports continues to improve upon and add to its line of products. Keep it new, keep it fresh is one of the slogans Cherokee Sports lives by.